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How to fix a La Marzocco GS3 pump on the cheap

Recently the pump of my LM GS3 espresso machine broke. It was the second time the machine experienced this problem in a period of one year. The problem was quite substantial. The pump refused to run after pushing the brewing button. This brought me in a depressing situation. I wasn’t able to brew any espresso. The cause of the problem What was the cause of this problem? …

An Afternoon at the Opera

Roemer Overdiep made a wonderful video of our visit, see it on Vimeo. [Text by Jan van der Weel and Frans Goddijn] The Sanremo “Opera” machine development used the input of an international array of baristas like John Gordon (New Zealand), Serif Basaran (Turkey), Sasa Sestic (Australia) and even Torpong Tantraporn from Thailand. This “dream machine” is new to The Netherlands so Maarten Meijer of …

Think Coffee Out of the Box

If coffee wouldn’t be such a challenge, we all wouldn’t be here. John Gordon Coffee has been around for many years but we are still struggling just to learn the basics about it. Consistent coffee roasting, grinding and brewing is quite a task and many aspects of the process are not properly understood and controlled. What we think we know today may be discarded tomorrow. …

Communicating roast color values

Many coffee roasters use roast color meters to monitor the quality and consistency of their roasts. Furthermore, calibrated roast color can be used for productive communication between roasters and coffee traders. For instance, a trader could provide a target roast color for a specific coffee. Also, coffee roasters around the world could share information about the roast color they find best for certain beans.

The Eureka E65 Super Jolly

A week ago I had troubles with my Eureka E65 grinder. No matter what I did, I was not happy with my espresso shots. I opened the machine and the burrs seemed to be a little dull. Should I buy new Eureka burrs? There was also another possibility.

The instant Nespresso experiment

instant nespresso experiment

  Nespresso coffee extracts better on low end equipment than most high quality coffee in combination with high end brewing equipment. What’s going on? Is Nespresso adding instant coffee to the Nespresso cups to increase the extraction yield?

Custom made dosing funnel

dosing ring

An uneven distribution of grounds can lead to a bitter and sour espresso at the same time. This tool made by Tije de Jong helps distributing coffee grounds into the portafilter.