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‘Kitchen stress’ relieving coffee station

I know that this coffee thing has got out of control. It has taken over our house. Our kitchen has become something of a laboratory. This 5 square meter space is crammed with cutlery, cooking equipment, kitchen appliances, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, deep freeze, a vegetable stall and all of my coffee things: a giant roaster, a huge grinder, a big espresso machine and lots and lots …

Lumino lamp design


A few years ago I made this lamp. The idea was to make a very simple lamp that was dimmable. The design makes it possible to create an intimate atmosphere with your fingertips.

Portable speaker design

leew amp design

Some time ago I found a lovely golden colored telefunken speaker on a flee market. It could not be used because it had no wires or amplifier attached to it.

Home vegetable stall design


My girlfriend Aura grew up in Italy. She was brought up with vegetables and fruit. As a child, she was thought how to to pick up the ripest tomatoes (smell) and the sweetest melons (smell, look, weight and tap).