Custom made dosing funnel

dosing ring

An uneven distribution of grounds can lead to a bitter and sour espresso at the same time. This tool made by Tije de Jong helps distributing coffee grounds into the portafilter.

Frans Goddijn, a friend and coffee roaster who lives a few hundred meters away uses a standardised protocol to prevent uneven extractions. His protocol is highly efficient. I have never seen him making an uneven extraction. Frans uses a combination of stirring (WDT distribution) and a nutating tamp. To support dosing and stirring he uses a transparent funnel that neatly fits the espresso basket.

After seeing his dosing ring I realised that this tool is very helpful. There was however one problem. This dosing ring can not be bought from a shop. Frans his dosing funnel was custom made by Stephen Sweeney. Frans told me that Tije de Jong, an Amsterdam based artist and maker, might also be able to make me one. I contacted Tije and asked him if he could make me one. A few days later Tije send me an e-mail with the message the dosing ring was finished. The funnel is precisely made from a transparent thermoplastic. It looks beautiful and it fits the basket precisely. Tije did an outstanding job I’m very happy with it!

Transparant dosing funnel made by Tije de Jong

dosing ring

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