Design a toy car in Fusion 360



3D Modeling is a very powerful technology for designing and prototyping products. I recently prototyped some espresso dosing funnels. For prototyping I used CAD program Solidworks. This did unfortunately not natively run on my Mac but I was able to run it in a virtual machine. This approach however did result into many crashes and sluggishness. To end my frustration I had to use a CAD application that was meant to be used on a mac. One of those programs is Fusion 360. A few weeks ago I decided to start following a Fusion 360 3D printing course. I find that the program has a learning curve but I find it quite user friendly and effective.

Every week we have to do some homework for the course. This week we had to model something with moving parts. I decided to draw a little toy car. I wanted it to look simple, playful and friendly. The design can be printed in one time and is supposed to have turning wheels. I can’t wait to play with it!


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