The Eureka E65 Super Jolly

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Eureka E65 Super Jolly

A week ago I had troubles with my Eureka E65 grinder. No matter what I did, I was not happy with my espresso shots. I opened the machine and the burrs seemed to be a little dull. Should I buy new Eureka burrs? There was also another possibility.

I still had some spare Mazzer Super Jolly burrs. I thought: “Will these burrs fit in my Eureka E65”? The answer is “yes”, but it will not be an easy job to get yourself a mixed Eureka and Mazzer grinder.

I call it the Eureka E65 Super Jolly

Eureka E65 burr (left) and Mazzer Super Jolly burr (right)


The picture shows that the Eureka and Mazzer burrs have about the same dimensions. Also the mounting holes are at the same place. There are however also differences. Further inspection shows that the tooth patterns are slightly different. The Mazzer burrs have more and finer teeth. Another difference is the size of the burrs. The Mazzer burrs should have a diameter of 64 mm and the Eureka burrs should have a diameter of 65 mm.

Super Jolly burr in lower burr carrier

I tried to install the Super Jolly burrs in the Eureka E65. At first everything was fine. The lower burrs carrier welcomed the Mazzer burr without a problem.

The top burr carrier however gave problems. No matter what I tried, the larger diameter of the Super Jolly burr prevented me to properly install the burr

The difference was small, the Super Jolly burr was only 0.2 mm larger. That was strange because the Eureka burrs were supposed to be larger. I asked Tije de Jong if he could help me with a solution. He proposed to use a lathe to make the burr smaller. That was a good idea.

Tije de Jong making the Mazzer Super Jolly burr smaller

The burr has been made of very hard steel, so it took him some time to scrape of the millimeters.

Now the burr perfectly fits the top burr carrier of the Eureka E65


Thanks Tije! The first results show that it seems to work. The espressos taste much better now. I however can not compare it to an Eureka E65 with original fresh burrs or a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder, because I don’t have access to those machines the moment.

Eureka E65 Super Jolly in action

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