Fluid Bed Roaster, new edition 2

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Last weekend we tested the Fluid Bed Roaster again. There were several improvements made to the machine. Tije has improved the thermal insulation and housing. Also he improved the internal airflow, this prevents beans from unintentionally ending into the chaff collector. Also some software changes were made. To prevent burn through of the heating coils, the fan now has to get a minimal of 60 percent power. Otherwise the heating element will get no power. To improve roasting performance it would be helpful to use different PID-settings during a roast. Tije tried to implement this, unfortunately this didn’t work. Frans Goddijn contacted Marko Luther, the maker of the more then excellent Artisan roast software. Marko is again very helpful and tries to fix this. Many thanks again for his outstanding help.

The following improvements are on the backlog voor the next version:

  • Automatic switching between PID-settings
  • Addition of buttons in Artisan that will improve the workflow using the roaster in combination with Artisan
  • A laser cut housing for the electronics
  • An extra hardware safety solution that will prevent burn through of the heating element

Frans made again an excellent movie

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